IKAWA at Home

    1. I've never roasted coffee before. Is the IKAWA At Home right for me?
      It is. IKAWA at Home has been designed to bring professional quality roasts home for everyone. The app allows you to take as much control over the roasts as you like, so beginners to veterans are looked after.

    2. How much coffee can I roast at a time?
      IKAWA at Home can hold up to 60g of green coffee per batch. Due to moisture loss during the roasting process, this will produce about 50g of roasted coffee. That’s enough to make about four cups (800ml) of filter coffee or three double espressos.

    3. How long does a roast take?
      An IKAWA at Home roast is typically between six and nine minutes in duration but depends on the coffee density, roast style, and personal taste preference. Filter-style profiles tend to be shorter, while espresso-style profiles are usually longer.

    4. Does roasting coffee create an aroma?
      Yes, but not a great amount. Roasting coffee with IKAWA at Home creates a mild fragrance, a bit like toasting nuts.

    5. Does roasting coffee at home create a better coffee?
      Well, yes -- we think so! With IKAWA at Home, you can choose exactly what you roast, as well as how and when you roast it. The system lets you take control of the flavour, the style, and the freshness of your coffee at home.

    6. Is the roaster durable?
      It is. IKAWA roasters are designed and hand-built in London to last. Smart design features keep things cool, with a 3.5mm extruded aluminium casing, double-walled borosilicate glass collection jars, and a tempered glass lid. To reduce wear and tear the fan is the only moving part in the machine.

    7. Is the IKAWA at Home machine compatible with the IKAWA Pro app?
      Sadly, no. The IKAWA at Home and IKAWA Pro machines are similar on the outside but have a variety of differences inside. For this reason, each machine has it's own app and roast profiles.

    8. What if I don’t like the coffee I've roasted? 
      One of the beauties of IKAWA At Home is that you can roast your coffee however you please. If you're not satisfied with your coffee, you have the ability to change up the roast.
Some suggestions for getting the most out of your new roaster
  1. Each green coffee you buy from X comes with a roast recipe. Open the IKAWA At Home app, scan the QR code from the back of the green coffee label (that comes inside the bag), load the green coffee into the roaster and press ‘go.’ This roast will give you a very tasty filter coffee.

  2. If you like your coffee as an espresso drink, this article will give you tips for adjusting your roast recipe accordingly.

  3. Try letting your roasted coffee rest and de-gas for 3 - 5 days before grinding and brewing. More information on why this has an impact can be found here 


Green Coffee

  1. How long does green coffee last for?
    This varies from coffee to coffee, but in general, green coffee is at its best within 12 months of being harvested.

  2. Where can I buy green coffee?
    Right here! You’ll have access to the same high quality & ethically sourced green coffee that many of Australia’s most progressive roasters use. Our expertly selected offering is available in 100, 250 and 500g sizes, giving you the opportunity to taste a diverse range.

  3. Do I have to buy green coffee from you?
    No, you can get green from where ever you want to. The benefit of buying green from here is that it comes with its very own IKAWA roast recipe which means you will have great quality, enjoyable coffee from the very first roast which you can continue to modify over time.

  4. How do you choose your green coffee?
    Having been roasters and coffee buyers for many years, we have a lot of experience with evaluating and selecting green coffee. Every fortnight we cup (taste) through samples from a range of Australia's most respected green coffee importers, and choosing the freshest, most interesting, and most delicious for our range.